SCLR Sponsorship Policy

Sponsorship Contribution
The annual contribution for sponsoring the SCLR is either:
- $300.00 - Sign Up Here
- $250.00 - Sign Up Here
with a reasonable discount or standing-offer to SCLR members

The term of sponsorship is twelve months from the receipt of payment. All sponsorships must be accepted by Board of Directors. An additional year of sponsorship will be awarded free to sponsors who donate merchandise valued in excess of $500 during their paid sponsorship period.

Sponsorship Renewal
Sponsorships which are not renewed within 30 days after expiration loose all privileges, including becoming ineligible to participate in club trips, being dropped from the SCLR email and mailing lists, and loosing listings and banner ads on the club website.
Sponsorship Benefits
- Free Internet Banner Ads on primary pages
- Free listing on Sponsors page of website, and within all email updates and other electronic publications
- E-Newsletters and Email Updates
- Access to website membership area
- Invited to attend club trips and other events
Additional Advertising Opportunities
As an SCLR sponsor, your business may also participate in the following additional advertising opportunities:

- Graphical advertisements in electronic newsletters and other electronic and printed publications
- Sponsor logos on club tshirts
- Host club events and other marketing opportunities
- Direct email & mail advertising programs

Sponsors are entitled to one free email broadcast-via webmaster to distribute via site distribution system

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