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TOPIC: Opossum Challenge? Anyone interested?

Re: Opossum Challenge? Anyone interested? 6 years 2 weeks ago #7187

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I'll win the driving in reverse! (for Conal's benefit)

I'd totally dig this.

Why don't we see if anyone in the club owns land we can use, it would make it a far simpler event to organize [permits, etc). Maybe an email out to members and sponsors to solicit?
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Re: Opossum Challenge? Anyone interested? 6 years 2 weeks ago #7192

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If our marketing guy(spiker) can put together the verbiage then We'll send it out to everyone...

I like the idea...
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Re: Opossum Challenge? Anyone interested? 5 years 11 months ago #7321

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I contacted Mike Bach, one of the organizers of the Northwest Challenge. I asked him for some information on holding a similar event and he provided me with some great information.

Here is an excerpt form the email he sent me:

"There is a lot more to consider than just the tasks, but I'll just cover the questions that you actually asked. Here's a few tasks that I've used and seen used in NWC's and other competitions:

1. Navigational Tasks: I've seen and done this several ways. You can set up a course to navigate to find special tasks that you have set up. You can set out waypoints to find and document. You can have people navigate during the day, at night, or both. I know this is vague, but there's just so many ways to do it. If you want more info/details, I can provide some info, but it'll take just a bit more work.

2. Tire Change Tasks: Also seen this done a few ways. You can have people change a tire without using a jack. You can have them remove a tire, fix a tire that you have flattened, then re-install their tire, etc.

3. Mechanical Repair Tasks: Usually, this involves having some part of a Rover that's damaged or not working and have people fix it. I've seen troubleshooting a mocked-up ignition system. I've seen a taillight assembly hooked to a battery and people having to troubleshoot that. I've seen a radiator with a hole punched in it and people having to fix that. Tons of options.

4. Obstacle Courses: You can have a course set up to navigate through with a variety of terrain, etc. I've seen this done in rock pits and navigating through gates. I've also had cones set up for people to drive through and thrown things into the mix like having to drive one side of the truck along a log, or rigging up and dragging a log through the course, and other stuff.

5. Trials Courses: This is the typical trials course, where you have a course set up for people to drive through with penalties assessed for things like stopping, backing up, hitting a cone, etc. Typically, time is used as a tie-breaker on these courses, and longer wheelbase vehicles are allowed a number (1-2) shunts (stop & back up).

6. First Aid Tasks: You can set up situations for teams to react to, or have questionnaires to fill out, or evaluate first aid/medical preparedness, etc. Again, a ton of options.

7. Preparedness Tasks: I've given people a list of stuff and told them to provide them to the challenge marshals within a defined amount of time. I've also had marshals ask questions of competitors on what they have in their vehicles. Or, you can set up situations that people have to be prepared for.

8. Driving Challenges: There's all sorts of ways to come up with courses set up to test driver skill, or speed, or navigation, etc. etc.

9. Winching/Recovery Tasks: I've had to rig up a vehicle to winch backwards. I've had to get a "disabled" truck up a hill in the shortest time possible (a couple versions of this). Safety is usually a factor in judging these tasks. You can also add in things like having to winch around a corner, and other more in-depth techniques.

10. T-Ball: Set up T-ball tees with tennis balls on them at several locations with various ways to get between them. Have teams collect the balls from the tees, then putting them back in reverse order, without anyone leaving the vehicle. Typically this is a speed task."

These are great ideas, There are a lot of options for an event like this. It doesn't have to just be a "Who can go through this tough trail the fastest?" type of event. The challenges don't really have to be driving challenges. I like the idea of changing a tire without a jack, or vehicle repair/diagnostics challenges, first aid challenges would be great also.

Driving challenges are great but I think having challenges that focus on teamwork and problem solving would be best. A person/trail leader could be the best off road driver in the world but if they can't effectively communicate and problem solve with their group they will have a hard time getting through the trail.
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