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Official 2017 Shaver Lake trip thread

  • Lutz
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4 years 3 months ago - 4 years 3 months ago #13925 by Lutz
The snows been falling in the mountains and that means it’s time for our 10th annual Shaver Lake snow run.

This year we are going to do things slightly differently in that we’re going to start the event on Saturday, February 18th instead of our usual Friday. Since this weekend is also President’s day some people will have Monday off and by shifting the events to Sat-Sun-Mon it will mean folks won’t have to leave work early on Friday to make the run up. Of course if you don’t have Monday off you’ll still be taking a day, just on the back of the weekend instead of on the front.

Our campground will once again be Camp Edison. We usually cluster along the Dogwood loop, roughly spots 221-237. The spots are big enough to accommodate 2 vehicles per and sharing is encouraged. Reservations can be made on-line:
(bad link)

A bit about Camp Edison:
Shaver Lake is located at the 5,500 ft. elevation, one hour northeast of Fresno in central California. The area is known for abundant outdoor activities: snow skiing, snowmobiling, water skiing, fishing, and backpacking, horseback riding, 4-wheeling and camping.

Camp Edison has heated bathrooms with shower facilities (tokens can be purchased with quarters on the way in), and electrical outlets for each campsite. The breakers can trip easily, so please talk to your camp mates about any heaters or equipment with high power needs you may be using.

Once you’ve made your reservation, let us know and we’ll post who’s where. We’re also inviting our friends from SCLR, so we’ll be looking for a few old friends to join us as well.

Don’t want to camp even with power and hot showers? Not to worry – there are a number of places where you can have a roof over your head in the area. Fair warning – I have not personally stayed at any of these places so check specific location and amenities yourself.
(Bad Link)
File Attachment:


  • Don
  • Lutz
  • David

Campsite reservations
Lutz - 229

Please be ready to roll on time!

Run group 1 – 7:45 AM
Don - LR3

Run group 2 – 9:00 AM
Lutz - D2

We’ll be running the Bald Mountain trail. GPX here:
(bad link)

Note that depending on snowfall we could have an easy drive to the top or we may not even get up Dinky Creek road. It’s too early to know what to expect yet but be prepared for anything


We’ll most likely organize a group caravan from the Bay area up to camp. Watch this space for more details as we get closer and know who’s coming from where.

Regarding Sunday’s trail runs, keep in mind that though we will be leaving ON TIME, once on the trail anything can happen so don’t expect a hard schedule; this is more of an approximation to give you some ideas.

Saturday, 2/18
Caravan up from bay area or arrive on your own
Group campfire that evening

Sunday, 2/19
7:45am – first run group leave Camp Edison
8:15am – arrive at trail head, air down, driver’s meeting organize running order
8:45am - Start the run
2:00pm Head back to town
6:00pm Pizza in Shaver Lake

9:00am – second run group leave Camp Edison
9:30am - arrive at trail-head, air down, driver meeting, organize running order
10:00am - Start the run
2pm Head back to town
6pm Pizza in Shaver Lake

Pack up camp and head home at your leisure

<strong>General information:</strong>

Location: Camp Edison
Trip Leader: Dhappel

Current Weather Conditions at Shaver Lake

Shaver Lake webcams

Camp Edison
P.O.Box 600
42696 Tollhouse Rd.
Shaver Lake, CA. 93664

Phone: 559-841-3134
Fax: 559-841-3193

Map & GPS of Area:

Camp Edison 37° 7'19.64"N 119°18'53.75"W
Shaver Lake Snow Run Trail Head 37° 4'6.56"N 119°10'52.67"W
Bald Mountain Trail Head 37° 6'5.17"N 119°10'11.50"W

Expected Trail conditions:

Expect deep snow fingers crossed, stay on the trial at all times or you will get very stuck very quickly.
There is always the possibility of body damage. Ruts, whoops, drifts, ice, are all common ways to crunch a panel.
If you stop forward movement, do not spin your wheels. The friction melts the snow and then freezes into ice, reducing the quality of the trail surface.

Vehicle Requirements:

Chains- Chains may be required on the way to Camp Edison. If you have street tires and plan to hit the trail, you will need two sets of chains. If you have not installed chains before, please test fit them before the trip. Check for clearance issues around brake or ABS lines as well as tire wells during articulation. Stock vehicles (without chains) should remain at Camp Edison and find someone to ride shot-gun with on Bald Mountain.

All vehicles should be fitted with All Terrain or Mud Terrain tires and have a full sized spare. A tire repair kit is recommended. Tires aired down before hitting trail

Recovery Points- Strong recovery points front and rear are a must. Expect to pull someone (or yourself) from either end of your truck multiple times.

Required Safety & Recovery Equipment:

Fire extinguisher, Hi-Lift and/or X-Jack (at least one vehicle carry one), winch (every other vehicle is optimal), recovery strap (each vehicle should have their own)
Metal shovel (shovel snow), first aid kit, repair tools and spares to suit your vehicle, tire gauge and tire pump
Emergency overnight pack of food, water, blanket

Trail Communications:

HAM radio 146.460 (simplex)

Shaver Lake Repeaters
146.820- 141.3 KE6JZ

Clothing Suggestions:

Snow/winter clothing- layer with base clothing that wicks sweat, polar fleece, wind/water repellent shell jacket or winter jacket; winter gloves, hat or beanie, and snow boots. Be prepared for rain/sleet as well. Sunscreen and sunglasses are recommended.

Food / Meals:

Meal plans: BYO, or plan with others
After the trail we stop at the local pizza joint in Shaver Lake for a warm delicious sit down dinner.

Misc Items to Bring:

Camera and extra batteries, winter tent, sleeping bag and blankets, extra garbage bags, GPS unit, map of the area and compass, drinking water, fire wood
File Attachment:

99 D2
RTE 4in custom rock sliders,maxyedor HD heim-joint steering
Front&Rear ARB with Ashcroft axles
The following user(s) said Thank You: dcproven

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4 years 2 months ago #14016 by Jake
Replied by Jake on topic Official 2017 Shaver Lake trip thread
So as of right now Lutzi, Jose and I are going. I may have a friend or two tag along as well. When I talked to Garrett at the M&G a couple of weeks ago he was a "want to go but not going to commit because something always seems to come up".

If the current track of storms keeps up with the atmospheric river parked over CA this will be a pretty snowy year, as opposed to 2015 where it was the snowless snow run we were back to camp by 13:00 for lunch... Of the 9 previous years the trip has been run there has been a 33% success rate of actually making it to the top. I had more fun last year slogging in the snow and only making it halfway, fwiw..

So who else is going to come out and play?

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  • RattleCan
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4 years 2 months ago - 4 years 2 months ago #14017 by RattleCan
Replied by RattleCan on topic Official 2017 Shaver Lake trip thread
I'm also in the "Maybe" group
will probably do the same thing I did last year
Get a nice warm room in town!

Not sure my truck will be up and running or not (finally have the engine getting worked on)

Hopefully at least come and ride with someone and help dig / strap / witch and take pictures.

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4 years 2 months ago #14018 by 1141
Replied by 1141 on topic Official 2017 Shaver Lake trip thread
Hi guys,
I'm in with the kids, most likely take a room close by to the camp area.
There is a good chance my friend with a Rubicon and his kids will join us.
Thank you

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4 years 2 months ago #14020 by dcproven
Replied by dcproven on topic Official 2017 Shaver Lake trip thread
Best years, tend to be the ones that we barely make it to the trail head :)

This one was a great one in 2008 dcprovenlandrover.blogspot.com/2008/02/s...e-snow-run-nclr.html

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4 years 2 months ago - 4 years 2 months ago #14044 by Chris
Replied by Chris on topic Official 2017 Shaver Lake trip thread
We are planning on going. Will be camping in our trailer. We booked spot 233.

Come on So Cal!!

Also, why isn't this on the calendar?

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