Sherman Pass to Monache Meadows

From June 15, 2013 09:00 until June 16, 2013 19:00

At Sierra Gateway Market - Kernville, CA 93238

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Sherman Pass Jeep Trail Sherman Pass Jeep Trail (33E48) in Sequoia National Forest is located approx 3 hours north of the LA metro area. The trail is rated "most difficut" via USFS ratings and rated difficult in the Charles Wells guide to Northern California Backroads & 4 Wheel Drive Trails (trail #68). Being its a difficult trailI would reccomend a lift at a bare minimum and sliders / diff guards would be handy as well. Not recommended for stock vehicles. That being said the plan is to be on trail by 10:00. The trail head is approximately one hour north of Kernville. We will take the Sherman Pass Jeep Trail (33E48) north to the junction of North Meadows Pass Road (33E29). Depending on time and interest we can take this road south to a spur road and head up to the top of Sherman Peak (elevation 9909) and take in the views before heading back to 33E48 and continuing on. We'll take 33E48 to the end and then head back down to pavement via 21S28 to 22S41.  Total time on trail shouldbe around 4-5 hours.  Monache Meadows After hitting pavement we would continue north east on 22S05 (Sherman Pass Road) until we come to the Black Rock Ranger Station. At the ranger station we'll head up 21S03 to 21S36 then onto 20S22 where it joins 34E38 and then turns into 20S03 when it crosses from Sequioa National Forest to Inyo National Forest. We'll follow 20S03 through Monache Meadow and head north to the end of the road where there are primitave campgrounds right near the bank of the South Fork of the Kern River where we will make camp for the night. The roads to Monache Meadow are not technical carrying an Easy rating from the USFS. There will be a few stream crossings where the road crosses the Kern River.   The plan is to meet at the Sierra Gateway Market on Sierra Way in Kernville at 8.30 and then leave for the trailhead by 9:00 so we can make it to the Sherman Pass trailhead by 10:00. The address for Sierra Gateway Market is 13432 Sierra Way, Kernville, CA 93238