Journey to Coyote Flat

Journey to Coyote Flat

From July 01, 2016 12:00 until July 04, 2016 10:00

At Coyote Flat, Inyo National Forest

Posted by Jake Jackson

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Now what may you ask is Coyote Flat all about? Well, for starters it's pretty remote. Secondly, its waaaay up there elevation wise. Once the road levels off from the climb up the hill you are sitting at 9600' of elevation, and you can drive your truck all the way up to about 11,750'. From the overlook near Green Lake you can look up into the Palisade Mountain Range and see the Palisade and Norman Clyde Glaciers. Whaaa? Glaciers you say? Yup, we do indeed have a few left in CA, albeit small and ever shrinking. For those that like to fish, there quite a few lakes in the area. Funnel Lake is a drive to lake. Rocky Bottom Lake is just east over a rise from Funnel Lake. A bit further south you have Baker and Hidden Lake which are a mile hike from the trail head, located in John Muir Wilderness. Want to do some stargazing at night? Well you are in luck as there will be a new moon that weekend so optimal conditions for seeing the milky way in all its greatness.. There are old mines to go take a look at.. The remnants of an old airstrip.. The list goes on and on..


I am scheduling this trip for the 4th of July weekend. Since the holiday falls on a Monday making it a 3 day weekend for most, which can usually be parlayed into a 4 day weekend by adding on Friday. The general plan will be to rendezvous in Bishop at Vons @ Noon on Friday July 1st. We will fuel up and head west out of town and climb up the hill to plateau where Coyote Flat is located. Depending on how busy it is up there (it will be a holiday weekend) we will try to camp at the super nice spot I found during the recce trip. If the primary campsite is taken we will try for one of the other two sites I found on my recon run. On Saturday we'll poke around and explore the roads and take in the area and see what we see. On Sunday Morning I plan to lead a hike from the plateau above Green Lake to go do a little peakbagging and go summit a peak called Cloudripper (13,525') and on the way there or the way back tag Vagabond Peak (13,374'). For those who aren't up to a hike at elevation, you can explore the area or just relax in camp. I'm sure as the time draws near we'll have something cooked up to keep everyone entertained. Monday the 4th we'll strike camp and make our way back down the hill to our respective homes.

Google Maps Link to Vons in Bishop

Ham Radio Frequencies to be used are:

Primary: 145.510 simplex
Secondary: 145.525 simplex
Backup: 145.540 simplex

For those without HAM radio we will use FRS 7 with no tone.

A couple of maps of the area:  Caltopo  - USFS PDF Map