28111 Jawbone Canyon Rd, Mojave, CA 93501

Address: 28111 Jawbone Canyon Rd, Mojave, CA 93501
Details: Friday: Nov 4, 2016 See GPS below if you wish to arrive a day early and camp at our hidden campsite before Bickel Camp. I plan to arrive there Friday evening. Please email me at [email protected] Let me know if you want to Caravan out on Friday. Saturday: Nov 5, 2016 9-10am - Meet at Jawbone station. We’ll be there for an hour so please don't be late as we will leave promptly at 10am. We’ll head north on Highway 14 to Redrock Randsburg Road where we’ll turn right (East) and head towards Last Chance cut off. At Last Chance cutoff, we will turn left onto trailhead on Mesquite Canyon and air down. Lunch – We’ll stop at Cudahy camp for lunch for 30-45 minutes before moving on to finish Last Chance Canyon. We will head out through Opal Canyon and East to EP30 to our campsite. Sunday: Nov 6, 2016 have a lazy day, wake up whenever you want, have breakfast, drive to Burro Schmidt Tunnel then head home. What to Bring bring your food, water, firewood, chair, warm clothing, Radio FRS: Ch. 7.2; CB: Ch. 4 Questions email at [email protected] or post your comments on the trip forum. Directions From Los Angeles area take Interstate 5 north to Highway 14. Take Hwy 14 through, Palmdale, Lancaster and Mojave. In Mojave you follow signs on main strip to stay on 14 traveling north. Approximately 20 miles past Mojave is Jawbone Station. This is the meeting spot for Saturday morning. If arriving Friday, pass Jawbone Station and turn right on Redrock Randsburg Road for approximately 11 miles, turn left where you see the Schmidt 7 Pole or Mesquite Canyon on your GPS device this will take you through EP 100 continue to EP 15 then to EP 30 on the right, I'll make sure I put a sign at the right entrance to the campsite. Jawbone Station N 35°18'00" W 118°00'03 Redrock Randsburg Road (turnoff) N 35°18'43" W 117°59'14 Mesquite Canyon (turnoff) N 35°23'18" W 117°49'00" Camp site N 35°26'13" W 117°52'35" The El Paso Mountains Wilderness was created in 1994 and now has a total of 23,780 acres (96.2 km2). All of the wilderness is in the northern Mojave Desert in eastern Kern County, California and is managed by the Bureau of Land Management. It is located south of Ridgecrest, California. For more info on Bickel Camp, you can visit their website at http://www.bickelcamp.org/ Here are some pictures of our trip back in 2009 picasaweb.google.com/1079284690778936952...#5551762426287364290