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From May 02, 2021 13:00 until May 02, 2021 16:00
Posted by Adam Spiker
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Waited long enough to get together with the club?

Come join us for the much awaited start of the regular monthly member meetups (club member meeting).

 The BOD has been busy and we're eager to share all of the exciting things we are working on for you!

PLEASE JOIN THIS EVENT above as we are running out of space!

I changed this from an RSVP event to an event to JOIN because of some confusion--don't be alarmed if you don't see your name or many names of those "going" at the bottom of the pageWhen I made the switch it deleted those guests--I still have them on our list of attendees though. This event is already at over 35 confirmed vehicles despite the attendees listed below

To join/register, you must be logged in. If you have issues or are a non-member just email me at [email protected] 

Sunday, May 2, 2021 1:00pm+

The Corona Depot

150 Depot Dr Corona Ca 92882

Arrive at 1pm. Please do not arrive earlier unless you are visiting and patronizing the bar/restaurant. If you arrive earlier than 1pm please see the parking instructions below.

The meeting will start promptly at 1:30pm. The meeting will be held on the area South of the parking lot where there are some picnic tables. 

Bring your rig, a chair, a hat. Please patronize our property hosts and remember they are in business to transact business--we have not arranged for no-charge items such as water or any discounts in advance. If you choose to escape the heat for some indoor shade in the Depot, please be mindful of the space we occupy and give thanks with your business.  You can find their menu here

We’ll be crashing the historic Corona Depot which is the old Corona train station turned into a restaurant/bar in historic old Corona. They have picnic areas outside adjacent to the parking lot to the South.

We'll start the meeting off with the particulars; current state of the club, recent trips and ones upcoming, special events in the works, and one VERY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT you have to be present to believe! Don't want to miss this one folks!

We'll also have some informal break-outs you can participate in to both inform as well as gauge interest in classes/events relating to the ease of becoming a trail leader, lifestyle/social, HAM/GMRS radios, and more.

Meet your Board in person, see old friends, make new ones, and see what mods people have been making to their trucks this year.

The parking lot is reserved for paid SCLR members. Non-members or non-Land Rover vehicles please park alongside the approach road. Please park only Land Rovers in the parking lot, inside the property gate. Begin from the Westernmost and Southernmost and occupy spaces moving Easterly. Leave 10 spaces nearest the front door (Northeast end of parking lot) for their normal patrons. Should the lot fill up once these 10 spaces are left, please park outside the main gate, member or not. Many more are planning on coming than originally planned so we don’t want to overwhelm our property hosts.

I speak for the entire Board when I say we're so excited to get these meet-ups going and to see you all. We'll be rotating them throughout the regions so everyone has a chance to attend one close-by. This one though, this is worth attending!

See you there!

Adam Spiker on behalf of your BOD!