Eagle Mountain Railroad Bridge

From December 20, 2020 08:00 until December 20, 2020 18:00
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When: Sunday, December 20, 2020

Meeting Time: 8AM; roll at 8:30AM

Target Destination: Eagle Mountain Railroad Trestle Bridge

Who can join: Paid members only

This will be an easy/beginners run on mostly dirt roads that any 4×4 vehicle can do. We will encounter some sandy areas, a few steep hills, and some rough road sections.

We will travel east on Interstate 10 to the Summit Rd exit at Chiriaco Summit, where after a short drive down the road we will air-down our tires to smooth out the ride and help us get through the deep sandy areas.

After airing down (not required) we will proceed to the Red Canyon Jeep trail, driving across the high ridges that overlook the canyons.

We will then drop down into the wash aka “The Bradshaw Trail” as we make our way to our lunch stop under the 500 foot long, 50 foot tall abandoned railroad trestle – This railroad trestle (bridge) was supposed to be gone by now, but it looks like all of the demolition work was stopped at the beginning of the COVID breakout, so the bridge is still there!

After lunch at the bridge we will backtrack a bit and follow the old railroad line back to Interstate 10 near the Red Cloud Mine Rd on-ramp to finish the day, hopefully before dark.

Comms: HAM Radio; Club frequency

Bring: snacks, lunch, water, TP (just in case), masks, full size spare tire.

Face-masks and proper social distancing will be required at the meetup location!

There are NO BATHROOMS along the entire route! We will have to make due with rocks and bushes.

We will be stopping to air down but AIRING DOWN IS NOT REQUIRED. There is a section of road that is very wash-boarded so airing down will make this section of road a bit smoother.

PLEASE STAY WITH THE GROUP If you choose to leave the group you will be on your own.

It will likely be A LONG DAY – Be sure to bring plenty of food, water, and snacks.

We likely will not finish until dusk, or later – If you have somewhere to be Sunday evening this run may not be for you.