2019 CANCELLED due to weather: Calico Camping Trip will be rescheduled soon

On June 21, 2019
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GnR3 Schedule of Activities will be as follows:
Friday: Set-up camp and targets. Marksmanship practice for completion on Saturday.
Friday night: Night Trail Run - Leo D. will be Trail Leader
Saturday: Breakfast, target practice then friendly competition.
Competition will include:
  1. Walk back: free style, dominant hand only then support hand only.
  2. Timed Run 'n Gun - balance of accuracy and speed
  3. Quickest 1st shot hit from draw
  4. Bullseye from 25 yards (handgun)
  5. Mozambique
  6. V Drill
  7. Rifle: Standing to prone fastest hit on steel.
We can do rifle and pistol categories. Prices for the winners may include:
  • Arredondo AR flared magwell
    Strike Venom flash hider - 5.56
    VLTOR flash hider - 5.56
    Miculek muzzle brake - 5.56
    Glock keychain
    Picatinny Bipod
    Glock Decal
    Snatch Block
    G4 patch
    LR Terrain Response Hood Decals
Saturday Afternoon - Trail run to the Bismark Mines
Saturday Evening - Night target shoot (bring your weapon mounted lights or NODs), relax by camp fire.
Sunday: breakfast, clean up and pack.