Trans America Trail - NV to NC

From September 03, 2018 09:00 until September 26, 2018 18:00
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What is the Trans America Trail? It is an off-road route that traverses the United States farm roads, unimproved roads, and back county roads. The route generally attempts to avoid pavement, but it does travel through towns for essential services, such as gasoline, groceries, laundry, etc.



The route I plan on following is approximately 3,800 miles of off road from Mesquite, NV to Cherokee, NC, with an additional 2,300 miles back to Southern California along Route 66 and I-40. 

We will begin the trip on September 3, 2018. I am allocating 18 driving days from Mesquite to Waynesville, and five days for the drive back to California. I added one day in LIberal KS  and one day in Cherokee NC as rest days.  The total duration of the trip is 25 days.

The route is well documented and there is ample restaurants, markets, gas stations, laundromats, and general services along the way.   

This a camping trip. All but one of the campgrounds I have chosen haave showers and most also  have laundry facilities. We will be passing through towns daily, so we should have access to other services as needed.  

I have created GPX files with the 18 daily track segments, and additional files with waypoints for gas stations, campgrounds, motels, sights, laundromats, restaurants, and markets.  I have also created spreadsheet that includes the daily route and mileage, gas station locations, and primary and alternate lodging (campground or motels). The daily drive distances vary, as can be seen on the route detail spreadsheet, I do not foresee fuel being an issue, since we will pass by at least two gas station per day.

I have posted all the information on Dropbox. If you want access, send me an email and I will get you connected. File size is too big to email. 

I am limiting this trip to 6 vehicles. We are currently at three as of June 2018. The route and lodging have been finalized and reservations have been made by all those attending as of June 2018.