Open House New Member Run 2018

From January 13, 2018 09:30 until January 13, 2018 16:30
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SCLR Open House and New Member Run

Meeting Location: January 13, 2018 9:30 AM

Lake Arrowhead Village Parking Lot, 28200 California 189, Lake Arrowhead, CA

This event is open to all current and prospective Land Rover owners. Current club members are encouraged to attend to help answer questions and provide driving assistance. We will run the Willow Creek trail near Lake Arrowhead. It is a moderate trail suitable for stock Land Rovers. This trail offers a lot of variety to test out your vehicle. It ranges from graded forest road, to ruts, rocks and water crossings. If time allows we will drop down to Devils Hole and take a break by the creek.

We will meet at 9:30 am at the Lake Arrowhead Village parking lot. Lunch will be on the trail, please provide your own lunch.

Before hitting the trail we will have a drivers meeting where we will cover safety issues, trail conditions, communications, emergency procedures and trail etiquette. We will have a few unscheduled stops along the trail. In addition to this we will have a scheduled stop to answer questions and discuss off-road driving technique.

The following is a list of supplies each vehicle is required to bring:
1. A full tank of fuel, Refer to to find the gas stations in Lake Arrowhead.
2. Food and water for each person in the vehicle. Plan on one gallon of water per person per day.
3. Warm clothing and footwear for driver and all passengers, snow is likely on the trail.
4. Adequately secure all items in the vehicle. While off-roading coffee cups can spill, water bottles in the center       console can fall on the floor and roll under the gas or brake peddles. Try to secure everything as much as possible.
5. A spare tire. A full size spare tire is optimal, a little donut spare will work if that is all you have.

This is a list of optional things to bring. Only bring them if you already have them.

1. Snatch strap and associated recovery equipment
2. First aid kit
3. Fire extinguisher
4. AAA or roadside assistance membership
5. Ham radio
6. Extra parts, fluids and tools to fix any items that might break.

Prior to the trip it is advisable to give your vehicle a check over. Do this a few weeks in advance so you have time to remedy any problems you find. This is a list of items to check:

1. Check engine oil
2. Check transmission oil
3. Check brake fluid
4. Check coolant
5. Check windshield wiper fluid
6. Check serpentine belt
7. Check hoses
8. Check air cleaner
9. Check seat belts
10. Check tire air pressure
11. Check for tire wear or damage
12. Check condition of driveshafts
13. Check  and tighten lug bolts
14. Check for frame cracks
15. Check brake pads & rotors
16. Check for loose bolts or nuts throughout vehicle
17. Grease all fittings
18. Check gear oils: transfer case/differentials, replace if necessary
19. Check condition of shocks and suspension bushings
20. Check for proper operation of vehicle ABS and traction control systems

I understand this is a long list and you might not know how to check all of these items. If your truck is leaking all kind of fluids, making weird noises and running really poorly then you should probably keep it at home. If it runs reliably and the fluids are full then bring it along. We will be available to help you check things and familiarize you with your vehicle at the drivers meeting.

If you have any questions please post in the Roverboard forum thread or contact me.

Keanan Fleck
[email protected]


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