Cleghorn Ridge Trail Run

On December 17, 2017
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Cleghorn Ridge Trail runs from I-15 to Silverwood Lake. It’s an easy fire road cross crossed by side trails of moderate to difficult.

Trip Leader: Keanan Fleck

Meeting Time & Location:
I-15 North Exit 129 Cleghorn rd/Cajon Blvd. We will be somewhere there to the left or right of the off ramp.
Meet at 9:00 AM ready to roll. After a short safety meeting we will hit the trail.

Vehicle Requirements:
In DRY conditions, a stock Land Rover with good tires will be sufficient on the fire road. If a driver wishes to attempt the side trails larger tires, sliders, thick metal bumpers and other pieces of flair will be helpful.
In WET conditions the trail can be quite muddy and slippery. Watch the weather report, watch for the forum thread for updates. This is a rain or shine trip.
Vehicles are expected to be road worthy and in good mechanical condition. Come prepared with all tools, fluids and parts to fix any unexpected damage.

Fuel Requirements: You need 3/4 tank or more. The closest fuel is the next exit for hwy 138. There are a couple gas stations there.

Recovery/Safety Requirements:
Vehicles should have front & rear recovery points. Ideally good driving and spotting will get us through the obstacles unscathed. If you screw up and get stuck we will try to get you back on the road.

Food/Water Requirements:
There is a good chance that the trip leader will take a wrong turn and we will get lost and might have to spend the night. Bring enough food and water to survive till help comes.

Other Stuff:
All attendees are expected to follow the laws outlined by the California Vehicle Code, including but not limited to, alcohol, seatbelts, speed limits, and turn signals.


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