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From September 01, 2017 08:00 until September 03, 2017 20:00
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In June of 2015 we attempted to drive to the summit of Mt Patterson. The scenery was amazing. Even though it was a low snow year, May was unusually cold and wet. We were blocked by snow at about 11,000 feet, a rainstorm was moving in and we decided to head downhill. That trip didn't really go as planned.

I have wanted to go back ever since.

Let me tell you a little about Mt. Patterson, It's in the Sweetwater Mountains north of Bridgeport. There used to be quite a few mining operations in the area, there was even a small "town" of Belfort at 10,200 ft. Because of this there are roads leading up and around in the mountain range. One of these roads goes to the top of Mt Patterson, 11,673 ft.

I believe this is the highest public access road in California. Over in the white mountains you can get up to around 13,000 ft but access is limited to only the research personnel.

I'm looking at heading up there Labor Day weekend, August 31 - September 4. Yeah I know it a holiday weekend and there will be more traffic on the roads. My office closes at 2pm on Thursday and I don't have to be back till 8 on Tuesday. I might as well take advantage of this four day weekend if I can. This is a tentative date, it might need to be rescheduled for the first weekend in October. If my wife Gina can arrange her work schedule to fit this weekend we will go. If not we will wait for October.

From our campsite Mt. Patterson is only a day trip. We will have some additional time to explore. I'd like to explore Mono Craters and drive around Mono Lake on one of the days. Another day maybe stop at Bodie or check out a hot spring in the area.

The following is a first draft of the itinerary. The schedule for Friday, Saturday and Sunday can be rearranged to fit the needs of the group.

Thursday: Leave my house in Redlands around 2:00 pm and attempt to make it to Lundy Canyon Campground before midnight.

Friday: Relax at camp, go fishing or hiking, maybe take some dirt roads down towards Mammoth Lakes or check out a hot spring. I figure most other people will be traveling to the campground on Friday.

Saturday: Drive around Mono Craters and Mono Lake, possibly stop at Bodie if there is time.

Sunday: Summit Mt Patterson. Stop in Bridgeport or Lee Vining for dinner to celebrate a successful weekend.

Monday: Drive home, stop off at reward mine, alabama hills, or other cool places along the way.


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