Rubicon Trail NCLR SCLR - Dusy Cancelled

From September 07, 2017 08:43 until September 10, 2017 10:43
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Well Dusy is closed time to hit up the world famous Rubicon Trail.This will be a joint trip with NCLR and SCLR . Msg if you have any questons =


9-7 to 9-10

Interested (list will be updated)Limited to 8 trucks
Don -D1  NCLR
Conal p38 SCLR
‚ÄčAgenda/Itinerary: Will make it out Sunday
Thursday :
Meet up at north shore campground Loon lake
Pack up camp hit the trail.Camp at Buck island 
Pack up camp and head to Rubicon springs.There are about 50 truck already planed to camp at the spring so might go on ahead and camp at end off trail
 Head home.
Quick List of vehicle mod req (and given your vehicle is in mechanical tip-top shape):
1) Solid recovery points both front and back,
2) Enough lift to run 33s/aggressive tires,
3) Sliders and Diff Guards,
4) Rear locker, HD axles Front locker recommended
5) Upgrade rear trailer arms (D90s/D1/RRC) if applicable
6) HD bumpers recommended
7) Winch. optional be recommended
8)Ham operator a plus.
Trail info
146.460 NCLR
Rubicon repeaters
805ELD - (KA6GWY in Pollock Pines) 146.805, PL of 123, - offset
805TAH - (KA6GWY in Tahoe Basin) 145.605, PL of 123, + offset
RUBI - (Coverage wthin trail only) 444.9875, PL 156.7, + offset
RUBI+ - (Linked to 805's) 444.9875, PL 107.2, + offset
RUBISIM - (Simplex) 444.9875, No pl, No offset


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