2017 Death Valley National Park - Memorial Weekend

From May 27, 2017 11:00 until May 29, 2017 11:00
Posted by Jose Nunez
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Meet up at Crocker Ave and the 395, right where the 76 and Mobil gas stations are situated in Big Pine, Saturday the 27th at 12 pm.

On this journey we'll visit the northern and western sections of Death Valley Nat'l Park.

Here's the itinerary:

Saturday May 27th - meet up at the Big Pine gas stations and fill all the gas tanks there. Then depart due east on the 168 and take Death Valley road towards Eureka Dunes. Some 49 miles from Big Pine to the dunes, nothing technical. Just a death rattle last 10 miles to the dunes so tighten up all your bolts. Campsites are sparse and there's only one pit toilet in the first campsite. There are some 5-7 spots with a fire ring each I believe. If these spots are taken, there are more ahead scattered along Eureka Dunes Rd. We'll spend the rest of the day hiking the dunes, napping, or just hanging out at camp. It may be WARM since it's going to be mid-spring and Eureka dunes sit at about 3000 ft in altitude.

Sunday May 28th - break camp no later than 9am and head south on Steele Pass Rd towards Saline valley. My understanding is that this cyn is a challenging one (aka fun), only 28 miles long, but apparently takes a good part of the day to arrive at Saline Valley. If you are curious about what you might be getting into, check out youtube for "Steele pass" or "Dedeckera Canyon." There is a chance for tire sidewall damage but overall Don from NCLR said it shouldn't be a problem. Upon reaching Saline Valley we would find a suitable campsite, settle down, and soak our bones at the hot springs situated there if you'd like or you could go explore the nearby sand dunes. Saline valley is purportedly one of the most remote areas you can visit inside DVNP. I have never been there but if you are familiar with the area feel free to educate us about the area. Saline Valley sits at about 1100 ft, so it may be warmer here.

Monday May 29th - break camp at your leisure or soak up again before it gets too warm if you'd like. There are 2 ways out of here, North takes you back to Big Pine, some 54 miles away (the easy way out to the pavement), or south towards the 190 and into Olancha or Lone Pine, some 85 miles away. None of the exits are technical. I prefer the southern exit and might even head for Lone Pine for a hearty meal at one of the nice restaurants there.

Consider bringing the following:

-At least one extra can of fuel. (We'll drive some 150 miles between fueling up)



-HAM radio or a handheld

-Your preferred camping equipment

-Off-roading equipment (air compressor, shovel, sand ladder, rope, tow strap, winches, hi-lift jack, and the such)

-Extra water for your vehicle and your party


-Full size spare

-Hot spring attire


If I forgot to mention something feel free to add it in the comments since this will be the first SCLR trip that I lead.


Possible GPX track


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