2016 Perseid Meteor Shower - Orange County

From August 13, 2016 18:00 until August 14, 2016 01:30
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Since last year's trip was so eventful, I thought another trip up Santiago Peak the year would be fun for the Orange County and Inland Empire members.

We will meet at the intersection of Main Divide Trail and Ortega Hwy, with a planned departure time of 6:30 pm. Location  N33.637636,W-117.422670 This will give us time to make occasional photo stops of the sunset over the Pacific Ocean on the way up to the summit.  The trail is about 1.5 hours each way.

While we don't have any astronomers lined up for the trip, we will enjoy what will hopefully be a clear night to watch the meteor shower.  If you haven't been to the top of Santiago Peak, now is your chance.  The trail is suitable for any stock Rover, although offroad tires are recommended due to some broken rocky areas along the road.

Bring your food to eat on the trail or on the summit, as well as your blankets or sleeping bags, chairs, cameras, tripods, and if you have telescopes or binoculars.  The summit is approximately 5,000 ft, so dress appropriately for the evening, as it will probably cool down quickly as the sun goes down.

For fun, we will try to make contact with the Northern Group by HAM radio on frequency to be coordinated before the trip.  Departure from the summit is around midnight, with arrival at Ortega Hwy around 1:30 am.  Then head East to I-15 or West to I-5.  Non-Rovers are welcome as your guest.

Camping is not anticipated on this trip, however the Blue Jay Campground is nearby but it is on a first come basis, so it may be full.  There is no primitive camping allowed in the area.

SCLR-1: 145.510 simplex
SCLR-2: 145.525 simplex
SCLR-3: 145.540 simplex

These are the frequencies we will use to contact the North Group...if interference on SCLR-1, then we will shift to SCLR-2, etc.

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