Bradshaw Trail

From February 11, 2017 09:00 until February 12, 2017 17:00
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Bradshaw Trail Feb 11/12
Meeting at Chiriaco Summit (10 fwy passed Indio) at 9.00am to Fill up with gas
We plan on leaving 9.30am heading to the Bradshaw Trail via Red Canyon Jeep trail.
Once on the Trail we will head to the Trestle bridge for a photo op, then double back east along the trail heading to Coon Hollow CG (minimal fee).
No doubt we will see several other sights along the route, they will be a surprise to all of us.
We will leave camp around 9.00am, I did notice an old opal mine close to the campground, perhaps we will explore there before heading back to the 10 fwy and home.
From what I remember it’s a fairly easy trail, does have some sandy areas, but nothing crazy (I hope)
Make sure you have
Camping items
Recovery gear
FRS (CH7) or Ham Radio